Our Story

Pura Vita Super was founded in 2019 by brother-sister duo, Federico and Erica Cutroni.

Our obsession with great gelato and coffee comes from growing up in Italy. We’re originally from Reggio Emilia, a small town between Milan and Bologna, and were raised in a home where the fridge was always stocked with gelato.

And coffee? We live and breathe it. Did we mention we’re Italian?

It was always our dream to bring our authentic Italian roots to New York City, and we’re all about living the pure life. We hope Pura Vita Super inspires others to live in a healthier, more sustainable way too.



Swing by and you’ll often find Erica (with a bold lip and almond cappuccino in hand), greeting
customers warmly with a big “BUONGIORNO!


She studied and worked in fashion before
moving to NYC, and has a keen eye for anything design related. Her favorite gelato is cioccolato,
and she gets her sweet tooth from her mamma.


The espresso isn’t the only thing that’s smooth and full of flavor at Pura Vita Super. Federico is an avid swimmer and new dad, and regulars call him ‘Fede’. Whether you’re coming in for a sweet or caffeine fix, he’s all about perfecting your Pura Vita experience and strives to be the best part of your day.